We aim to support the restoration of the Holy Cross Hermitage "Ananei" in the Skete of Agia Anna on Mount Athos.

Our ongoing project involves the restoration of the Holy Cross Hermitage. Thanks to your support, the Athonite Heritage Foundation initiated a new phase of renovation in September 2019. Father Nektarios, the abbot of Holy Cross Hermitage, is committed to completing this restoration to safeguard the building. Our enduring partnership with the Holy Cross community assures the successful realization of this project, to which the Athonite Heritage Foundation is fully committed.

Since 1652, the Holy Cross Hermitage has stood at the foothills of Mount Athos. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the Hermitage gained renown for producing significant iconographic works, which still await protection. Father Nektarios, the Abbot of Holy Cross, launched the restoration project in 2012. The initial phase of the project was made possible through funding from the European Union's programs.